As construction and planning consultants we offer a range of services from a simple design to a full planning application.

We prepare plans exactly as we would have liked to receive them when we were NHBC house builders. That is, with all the information required for the complete project, presented in a way that is clear, precise and easy to interpret.

We pride ourselves on being able to:

▪ Listen to your exact requirements.
▪ Interpret them to create and design a project that will give you exactly what you want.
▪ Provide you with a design that is economic and efficient to build.
▪ Suggest options or designs that you may not have considered.
▪ Give you the benefit of our creativity and experience in choosing the best possible design.
▪ Help you to reduced building costs, sometimes with just a simple design change.
▪ Help you Include energy efficient and sustainable energy sources (e.g: solar).
▪ High quality standard construction drawings, clear and precise so that the client, the builder and the local authority can all interpret them easily.
▪ Organise specialists such as structural engineers, as required.
▪ Prepare detailed construction specification so builders can quote on a like-for-like basis, and clients can see exactly what they are getting.
▪ Provide Computer Assisted Designs that enable the client to see their project in 3D , and alter the design easily at our offices or on site. This allows the client direct input into the design at all stages.

We mainly cover Sussex, predominately dealing with Horsham District Council Planning & Building Control.

Planning Permission

The planning procedure has recently been simplified by new regulations, which include a new universal application form for the UK. The Permitted Development Rights have also been changed, so many applications may now be exempt from planning, however it is still best to obtain a certificate of lawful use in this case. It is always best to review each case individually to decide if an application is required. The application can all be done online now, and is a relatively simple procedure once the plans have been finalised.

Building Control

You can either present a Full Plan Submission, which lists a full specification or a Building Notice, which means that permission is at the Building Control Inspectors discretion, however all building conditions still have to be met, they are just not listed. We are now partnered with Sussex Building Control who will plan check all our applications regardless of where  your property is located. Sussex Building Control is part of the LABC network.

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